Meditation & Relaxation With Candles



If you want, you can include meditation in your “me time”. Follow all the steps that are discussed above. Once you’ve focused on your breathing you can do the following:

  • On your in breath, imagine positive energy filling you with whatever you need – confidence, joy, happiness, and success. Feel that positive energy filling you, empowering you to reach your goals and your dreams.
  • On your out breath, let all the negative energy inside you flow out and away. Fear of failure, self-criticism, anger, sadness, and irritability. Just let it all leave your body and your mind as you breathe out.
  • Continue to breathe in and out, deeply filling your lungs with healing oxygen and the gentle fragrance of your candle. Breathe in the good, and release the bad. Breathe like this for 10 to 20 breaths.
  • After those breaths, go back to focusing simply on your breathing. Allow your mind to rest lightly on the warm glow of peace and contentment inside of you. Spend another 5 to 10 minutes allowing your mind to rest in this peaceful state.
  • Slowly start to return to the here and now. Focus on your candle again, and its beautiful fragrance, to help you root yourself back into reality.
Just Relax and enjoy the process, breathe and let the experience take over you to bring peace and relaxation.




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