Feeling Stressed

Lorraine Canady

Are you feeling a little stressed?

Candles have long been known to reduce stress and anxiety. The combination of a warm glow and a soft fragrance combine powerfully to bring peace and relaxation to the human mind. Science has proven that fragrances with which we have had pleasant associations will evoke those good memoires and feelings each time we smell that fragrance. The soft glow of fire has been a source of safety and comfort to humans since they first learned to manage fire. The feelings of safety and comfort that are related to fire are deeply embedded in our brains and easily triggered by lighting a candle in your home.


Make Time for Yourself

Everyone needs a little “me” time. The truth is, that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have any energy left to take care of other people. So, actually, by investing the time to take care of yourself, you’re actually ensuring that you’ll be better able to take care of those you love. So set aside a certain amount of time, be it a 15 minutes to 90 minutes and take that time for yourself, every day if possible. If you’re only doing “me time” once a week, make it a longer time to ensure that you’re truly giving yourself good self-care. Shorter sessions every day may be more beneficial in the long run.

Select Your Fragrance

Choose a fragrance that will assist you in your relaxation. The best fragrance is the one that triggers the most comforting memories for you or evokes strong feelings of joy and comfort. If you don’t know which fragrance might do that for you, there are some fragrances that are generally acknowledged as being relaxing or comforting. Lavender, chamomile, vanilla, and ylang ylang are just a few suggestions to help you get started. You don’t need to have a scent that’s labeled “aromatherapy” to be able to receive a great benefit. Any scent that brings you joy is perfect, whether it be light florals, sea side beach, or clean scents. Make sure you take time to explore what other fragrances might take you to a happy place in relaxation.

Light Your Candle

Now is the time to light your candle. Make this a very ritualized moment. The minute you light your candle is the signal to yourself and your brain that it’s time to free your mind. Call your attention to your breathing. Focus on each breath until you feel yourself relaxing. If you are able to do this for just 20 minutes at least 2 – 3 times per week, you’ll be well on your way to reducing your overall stress level.

Always remember to take time for yourself, self-care is very important not only to our physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing.




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