Creating Romance with Candles

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Creating Romance with Candles

Creating romance with your candles is simple and sensual. Here are a few tips:

  • Light many candles – light enough candles to provide enough light to see by. Mix tea lights in glass jars with fragrance candles to create a romantically lit ambiance.
  • Turn off your lights – the diffused glow of candles softens the harsh edges of reality and flatters your appearance making you feel confident and sexy.
  • Select a musky scent such as vanilla and sandalwood to increase amorous feelings. Cinnamon can also have a similar effect.
  • Create a spa like atmosphere at home.
  • Choose the right candle for the mood- red is for health, vigor, sexual attraction and love.
  • when lighting your candle imagine sensual and loving thoughts.
  • Bask in the afterglow – but don’t forget to extinguish your candles before you go to sleep!

Candles are warm, inviting and create the perfect addition for intimate dinners, relaxing baths, or bedroom setting. Candles create the ambiance to make any romantic moment just right.





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